Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What is Twisted Grain?

Twisted Grain is a blog about four twisted guys (and the guy next door) who work together at a wood shop. Twisted guys, twisted stories, and a wood shop, you know a shop with wood in it, wood that has grain, get it “Twisted Grain”? Well we thought it might be entertaining to write about all the stuff that goes on at our shop. Not like the work part, that’s pretty boring, but the “extra-curricular activities”, you know the fun part of work. So if you get bored, or get finished goofing off on Facebook or writing your own blog, come take a look, you might be entertained, or we might just make you feel a little more normal because you are not the only one who should probably not be let out in public.

Here is a little bit about us… First there is Chad, the guy who’s in charge. Chad is in his 30’s with some kids and a wife, he likes his pocket knife, he drives a truck and has a tool box in the back of it, the tool box is locked so don’t try to steal stuff out of it. Chad is the only one here who has ever posted a blog, I think his wife made him write something on her blog, but we forgave him for that. Then there is Blake, he is the part timer, when he is not here he is off saving lives. Blake is in his 20’s and also has some kids and a wife, he is very hairy, well at least from the waist down, the name Chewbacca has come up before. Blake drives a Honda Civic and never cleans it. He also likes candy. Next is Jeremy, Jeremy is almost 30 he has a wife and a kid, he drives a blue truck with an adjustable hitch. Jeremy likes good food but never has money. Jeremy used to work at a big building with a lot of big machines; Jeremy is also the tallest of the four of us. Last but not least is the new kid, Nate. Nate just graduated high school; he does not have a wife or a kid. He is quiet and innocent, until you get to know him. Nate has a truck and a car but only gets to drive his car, because his dad stole his truck. Nate buys stuff all the time he makes the rest of us jealous. Nate wears a hat a lot; sometimes he wears it crooked like a gangsta.

To our families, neighbors, and friends we are usually considered normal. What they don’t know will keep them happy. In the shop our individual ingredients combine to create a mixer that, if left unbridled, will eventually destroy all mankind.

So tell all your friends about that new blog you just found. Then you will be the first one who knew about it and you will be the coolest of all your friends. One day you can say I read Twisted Grain before Twisted Grain was cool.

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